Grand Cayman Fundraiser

Blue IguanaHollace At OceanQueen Angelfish

On June 29, 2007, Hollace participated in Grand Cayman in a fundraiser to benefit the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme. Over $20,000 was raised at the gala event, which was attended by Governor Stuart Jack. Hollace donated a framed print which sold for $400 CI ($500 US). Internationally renowned aboriginal dot artist Ron “Rogest” Steven acted as the celebrity auctioneer, but also donated an original painting of a blue iguana (24″ x 36″) which was purchased by Jean Cohen of the Ritz-Carlton for $4,200 CI.

Hollace w/ Ron Steven

Hollace admired her mentor’s masterpiece, which required three months to complete, as well as Ron’s tireless devotion to preserving the environment and to educating through his own generosity on the need to get involved to make a difference.

Hollace with Students

During her stay on Grand Cayman this summer (2007), Hollace acted as assistant to Ron Steven in teaching local children and teens the craft of aboriginal dot art. Each student was challenged to create an original blue iguana painting. These paintings were individually auctioned at the Blue Iguana Affair, both raising funds for the Programme, as well as instilling pride in the students by their contributions to this event.

Group Photo: Claire Davies
Iguana Photo:  Robert Kutay